Oem Replacement Laptop Battery for TOSHIBA Satellite A70 S2491

Compatible laptop battery TOSHIBA  for Satellite A70-S2491

  • Code:1041
  • Capacity: 7800mAh
  • Volt: 14.8V
  • Type: Li-ion
  • Size: 271.00x71.60x26.30mm
  • Weight: 745g
  • Color: Black
  • Special price: $21.96GBP
  • Brand new product with 1 year warranty!
  • Satellite A70-S2491 batteries verify

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This Satellite A70-S2491 batteries replaces:


This Satellite A70-S2491 batteries is compatible with the following models:

Satellite P35-S7012,
Satellite P35-S6311,
Satellite P35-S631,
Satellite P35-S6292,
Satellite P35-S6291,
Satellite P35-S629,
Satellite P35-S6111,
Satellite P35-S611,
Satellite P35-S6091,
Satellite P35-S609,
Satellite P35-S6053,
Satellite P35-S6052,
Satellite P35-S6051,
Satellite P35-S605,
Satellite P35 Series,
Satellite P30-S6363ST,
Satellite P30-S6362ST,
Satellite P30-153,
Satellite P30-149,
Satellite P30-145,
Satellite P30-144,
Satellite P30-141,
Satellite P30-133,
Satellite P30-132,
Satellite P30-119,
Satellite P30-116,
Satellite P30-110,
Satellite P30-107,
Satellite P30,
Satellite A75-S2762,
Satellite A75-S2761,
Satellite A75-S276,
Satellite A75-S2311,
Satellite A75-S231,
Satellite A75-S2293,
Satellite A75-S2292,
Satellite A75-S2291,
Satellite A75-S229,
Satellite A75-S2261,
Satellite A75-S226,
Satellite A75-S2131,
Satellite A75-S213,
Satellite A75-S2111,
Satellite A75-S211,
Satellite A75-S2091,
Satellite A75-S209,
Satellite A75-S2061,
Satellite A75-S206,
Satellite A75-S1255,
Satellite A75-S1254,
Satellite A75-S1253,
Satellite A75-S1252,
Satellite A75-S1251,
Satellite A75-S125,
Satellite A75 Series,
Satellite A70-S2591,
Satellite A70-S259,
Satellite A70-S2561,
Satellite A70-S256,
Satellite A70-S2492ST,
Satellite A70-S2491,
Satellite A70-S249,
Satellite A70-S2362,
Satellite A70 Series,